Getting settled
& moving to Panama

Getting settled services

We understand it might be a new and strange country for you. But we guarantee you’ll feel at home quickly. The community feel of Campana Villas, and the assistance you get will make you relaxed from day one.

We are happy to get all the basics done before you even arrive:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting (very affordable) health insurance
  • Guiding you around with a personal shopper to get to know the best stores and shopping malls.

Moving to Panama services

We can take care the full move from picking up your goods in your country, importing them into Panama, delivering them at your new home and placing everything where it belongs in your new home

Property sales services

If the time ever comes that you would want to sell your Campana Villas property (and we are sure that won’t be anytime soon!), we will take care of it. We will find the buyer, show the property, get you a great price and more than likely a substantial profit, and take care of a safe and secure property transfer from you to the new owner.


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