Preserving and planting trees to create a healthy environment

By planting at least 20% more trees than there were before, we preserve and even expand the flora & fauna in our projects. Plants and trees are creating a healthy environment in our projects by producing oxygen and absorbing CO2 and other pollutants. The air quality in various of our projects has been measured over 5x less pollution than in the Panama City.


Forestation plays an important role in Campana Villas, our beach living community. The area is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. and unique wildlife, like the sloth and various types of hummingbirds. Campana Villas has been designed to have a minimal impact on the environment and to keep nature and wildlife intact as much as possible. Besides we are planting over 3000 grown trees after completion of the construction to guarantee a wonderful green living community in harmony with nature.


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